Are you coming to Shenzhen soon, but still not sure whether you need to get an interpreter?

Are you worried that hiring an interpreter will maybe just a waste of money as most manufacturers now have English-speaking staff? 

Are you wondering if interpreters nowadays are charging too high?

We are here to give you some answers today.

As English gets increasingly universal, the majority of international salespersons now speak English. Even better, some technical personnel can communicate with foreigners freely too. 

As good as that sounds, please allow me to tell you why we interpreters are still necessary.

First of all, before you start the visits, you just need to tell us the addresses and contact persons, we will arrange a more efficient schedule for you in line with their locations. Of course, if you haven’t contacted any persons, we could recommend you some reliable manufactures.

Secondly, some factories are very far away from the city, so it is not very convenient for them to arrange a car pick-up service. We, on the other hand, will contact the supplier before hand and order car rental service like Uber or other on-call caps, which will save you time and effort.

Last but not least, we charge you only 100 US dollars a day, yet we will play numerous roles, such as assistant, tour guide, sourcing agent or freight forwarder. With us by your side, visiting several factories a day and getting all the information you need within your precious time is quite possible. After the visit, you may want to take some samples with you, but it may take several days to collect all of them, by which you could have left China. A good solution is to ask your suppliers to send the samples to us and we will ship them to you all at once. 

So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have decided to come here! 

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2 Thoughts on “Why We Think You Need An Interpreter in Your Factories Visits?”

  • Hi,

    We need physical presence of Chinese (Mandarin) interpreter at our client’s office in Shenzhen (Nanshan district). We are going to have technical discussion related to electronics and android based camera solution, in-depth understanding and prior domain experience is not required though. We will shared quick understanding about the potential project and agenda of the call beforehand.

    Please guide us what would be the ideal cost for this service? We are expecting the meeting in the next week.


  • Looking for an interpreter May 7-8 in Shenzhen to visit factories that manufacture athletic apparel. Please email me if you have someone available.

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