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Going to a new country for the first time can come with a lot of baggage, from the language barrier, culture, and security. Shenzhen in China is not an exception.

In this article, we talk about some useful tips to guarantee your safety in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen as a Mega City

Shenzhen is the forward-looking and handsome principal of southern China, crossing the border with Hong Kong. Shenzhen is well-liked by Chinese businessmen and tourists. This marks a difference as people find out about the major attractions of the municipality which are simply user-friendly in Hong Kong. The considered town of Shenzhen offers impressive architecture, lots of parks and kick off spaces, a new highway complex with varied streets lined with trees, and a new and constantly evolving metro system. These are few of the numerous tourist attractions. Shenzhen was selected as the preeminent metropolitan to live in China in 2007.

We covered a whole lot of things about Shenzhen in this article.

Shenzhen was chosen as the most livable city in China. This was reported in China City Forum, after comparing the feature of vivacity in 287 cities in China. Services, leadership services, clothing, food, accommodation, and travel were put into consideration. In an added revise of the Chinese Institute of inner-city Competitiveness in Hong Kong, Shenzhen was named the third biggest conurbation in China after Beijing and Hong Kong; Hong Kong has 12.5 million inhabitants in 2018.

Just 40 existence ago, Shenzhen was a town of fishermen and wetlands. Over time, it became the seventh leading capital in China and the central gate for far-off tourists. It is a town with tourist attractions in a restful scenery and effortless to tour around the country by progression and bus. Shenzhen is the highest capital of China for the construction and export of electronics, but the second fiscal funds of China and the richest town in China. Therefore, this city can be said to be China’s key electronics manufacturing and export city, the second fiscal center and China’s largest part of an affluent life-size city. It has haulage that are strategically situated and amazing amusement parks, beaches, and mountain parks for tourists. //

Shenzhen lacks in antiquated temples and historic monuments to appeal the journey set but it makes up for this in progressive architecture (unveiling 11 new skyscrapers in 2017), artsy pedestrian districts, combination bars, and Cantonese cuisine. It also has an epicenter of luxury hotels; the likes of Hard Rock Hotel and Muji Hotel. Shenzhen and adjoining Hong Kong are, by now, connected by rail.

Risks and Security Measures in Shenzhen

safety in shenzhen

A number of years back, Shenzhen was a minor settlement located subsequently to Hong Kong, and right away it has suit one of China’s major and generally eminent cities. And though this metropolitan does not bid loads of chronological attractions, it is prominent for its theme parks. Shenzhen is very dependable and a non-violent city. Travelers are most times, victims of insignificant crime. However, this unfortunate incidence can be averted if travelers can adhere to some compelling precautions.

Shenzhen has the maximum crime ratio, not involving violence, in China. As a result of this, travelers must take to little particular precautions in command to contain an anodyne trip. China is a harmless country in likeness with numerous other countries, as well as European countries, subsequently, recently remuneration not much added awareness in order to avoid any surplus events.

Pickpockets and reward snatching are common occurrences in crowded places. We counsel that you mindfully keep an eye on your belongings when you find yourself in crowded areas. Forge is a hefty hitch in Shenzhen, especially when you want to change currencies.  Be precautious as compelling a taxi, more than ever at airports; avert unlicensed taxis, assert that the taxi driver value his/her meter, ask for a receipt, and demand your driver to take away the bags from the chest before you urge out of the taxi and before you pay. The rainy season may cause flooding and landslides.

The key crime that foreigners mug is pickpocketing. Be deft on the crowded streets, in shopping areas, and mainly on shared moving like metro and buses. Metro is a large amount expedient sort of metropolis brings in Shenzhen, consequently, look at with care on your baggage throughout traveling. Be self-possessed as soon as you are in public. You are to act as if it’s your chief trip, by so doing, you will not be easily identified as new in the environment. This will make the criminals think you are not a stranger, so you will not be among those they will be targeting.

Mandarin is the language spoken in Shenzhen, of which many travelers do not understand. However, criminals tend to use this language barrier to take advantage of foreigners. Therefore, travelers are advised to make inquiries from reliable people like any member of staff in an organization, hotel attendants or local friends. So, whatever they need can be passed as a message to those few.  Although, it can be quite embarrassing for two people not to understand themselves, which is why one can make use of a written card to avoid scenes of such.

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