Candy Chen


This is Candy Chen, a reliable business interpreter & sourcing agent with more than 3 years interpreting and sourcing experience in Shenzhen .I am familiar with electronics products and jewelry market in Shenzhen very well. I am your best assistant when you want to expand your biz in China. I can help you with:
1) Interpretation.
2) Translation: document translation, website translation.
3) Business support.



My daily rate is USD100, no bargain.
I have lived in Shenzhen for many years. Personally, I love shopping, enjoy good food and sightseeing. I have been to Thailand for tourism. I used to work for CITS as a part-time tour guide and Hua Qiang Bei Market before. I can speak fluent English and Mandarin. Familiar with a lot China product manufactures, wholesale market and electronic products.