More and more young people are coming to work in Shenzhen, and the young people speak much better English than the older people. If you are going to deal with the factories in Shenzhen for a small business, you don’t necessarily need a translator.  You need a good interpreter when you are doing a serious and big business because you can’t afford any mistake or misunderstanding.

Artificial Intelligence has become a big thing in Shenzhen China. Online or cloud translate APP is one of the AI things, it has got smarter and smarter, the translation work is more and more accurate, so the understanding between you and your Chinese suppliers can be more and more efficient.

Google Translate is one of the APP’s that I would like to recommend to you. However, you will have a problem to get access to Google Service while you are in Shenzhen China because there is a “Great Wall” between China and the rest of the world, you can’t visit Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, and so on without using a tool called VPN.

What VPN do you recommend?

There are a lot of free VPN services but the problem is that it is free and the bandwidth is very limited, so you will find that it is very slow or sometimes it is even impossible to use those free VPN services.

So you want to have a dedicated server that is owned by yourself, no one else has it, and you need a dedicated IP address for your server as well, so your server can’t be blocked if you don’t say something bad about China,

The way how VPN works is that you get access to your own server that is not blocked in China, and from your server, you can browse all the websites. It seems very difficult but Shadowsocks have made it very easy for you.

Go visit Shadowsocks’s website Download Page to download the server file and install this file on your server, and download the client file to install on your device.





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