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5-days in Shenzhen? How to get a Shenzhen Visa on Arrival

Would you be heading to Shenzhen any time soon? Whether for business or just for your next short vacation, Shenzhen is a city that’s very likely to make your trip a fulfilled one.

Shenzhen has both been referred to as “the tech capital of the world”  and “the silicon valley of hardware”, and is one of China’s business powerhouses. Getting a visa to such a city in one of the world’s largest economies might seem to be a difficult process.

Well, with the 5-day Shenzhen visa on arrival, getting into Shenzhen without a full china visa is just easier.

The Shenzhen 5-day Visa on Arrival.

The 5-day Shenzhen visa on arrival (simply VOA), is a kind of visa that grants citizens from some countries entry into Shenzhen without a full Chinese visa. It’s even easier for passport holders of some countries who are permitted entry into Hong Kong without a visa on certain conditions. You can get into Hong Kong without a visa if your country is on the list of such countries. And then from Hong Kong, you can apply for the Shenzhen 5-day visa on arrival. The 5-day Shenzhen VOA lasts for only five days, and you must leave Shenzhen before the five days expire, or else you might get into trouble which may lead to payment of a fine. You must not be caught outside the area the visa covers, or else, you will be penalized

Citizens Of Which Country Are Eligible For The 5-DAY Shenzhen VOA

People having passports of Countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and some EU countries are eligible, citizens from the UK are also eligible for the Shenzhen 5-day VOA. Countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Turkey, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq are all NOT eligible for the 5-day Shenzhen VOA. From my research, the list of eligible nationals gets updated without notice. So you might get conflicting information from different sources about citizens of countries that are eligible for the Shenzhen 5-dayVOA. You can drop a comment if you happen to confirm any country on the list that is not supposed to be on it or any country that is supposed to be on the list and yet isn’t on it. I strongly think it will be best to ensure you get reliable information from your country’s embassy as to whether citizens from your country are eligible for the 5-day VOA beforehand.

Where and when to get the 5-day Shenzhen VOA 


The Shenzhen visa on arrival is obtained at the Luohu port. It may be obtainable at other ports, but from my research, the Luohu port seems to be more of a reliable location to get the 5-day VOA than the other ports. So I’ll recommend you head to the Luohu port to get the 5-day VOA. I’ll advise that you go during hours from 7 am but before it’s Night. But time as I found out, which I believe to be the hours you can purchase the Shenzhen VOA at the Luohu port is 7:00 to 23:30.

How To Get the 5-day Shenzhen VOA

Getting the 5-day Shenzhen VOA takes only some minutes on normal days if there are not many people applying before you, but it takes more time to get during holidays and seasons of festivities or celebrations. To be eligible for the Shenzhen visa on arrival, you have to have a valid passport; a page should be empty on the passport where the Shenzhen visa on arrival will be placed. I don’t think the processes involved in getting the Shenzhen VOA are tedious; some of the processes include presenting your valid passport, filling a form and payment for the VOA.

How Much Does The 5-day Shenzhen VOA Cost

The cost of getting the 5-day Shenzhen VOA will vary depending on your nationality. my research showed prices ranging from over 160RMB  to less than 350RMB. A source whose article dated 23 October 2017, also stated a price of over 950RMB for holders of US passport.  But I don’t think US citizens are eligible for the Shenzhen VOA at the moment.

What To Do During The 5 -Day Period

Shenzhen is indeed a wonder-city. There are many wonderful places to visit in Shenzhen, and the tech flavor of Shenzhen offers the privilege of having great moments visiting a place like the huaqiangbei electronics market. You can also go shopping. How about searching the internet to help you get a handful of places to visit when in Shenzhen.

For your accommodation needs, we have taken our time in curating a list of best and cheap hotels you can get around Shenzhen on this post.

Getting around Shenzhen can be difficult because of the language barrier. You might need to hire an interpreter who can also serve as your guide around the city. You might also need to hire a sourcing agent especially if you are in Shenzhen for business. Sourcing agents can help you buy things at afforded prices.

 I strongly suggest that you get quality information from the point of purchasing the VOA about exactly when your 5-day stay in Shenzhen starts counting and places you can go with the 5-day VOA so as to know you exact limits and avoid getting into trouble.


The Shenzhen 5-day VOA only permits entry into Shenzhen for one time, and as such, it cannot be used to enter Shenzhen again if you go out of the city. Whether your trip is for business or just for vacation, Shenzhen is indeed a City to visit. Please avoid trying to use travel agents to get the Shenzhen VOA.

I believe this article has been helpful in getting you much information about the Shenzhen 5-day visa on arrival, you can share with friends, and also drop your comments. Hope you can’t wait to visit Shenzhen city- thanks to the 5-day VOA.

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