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Shenzhen business guide for your next business visit

shenzhen business guide

Are you heading to Shenzhen on a business trip any time soon? well, I’ll say you are heading to a wonderful and vibrant business destination.  If you haven’t read the article on doing business in Shenzhen, then I suggest you do soon. I also suggest that you should start looking for a suitable and qualified Shenzhen business guide.

From manufacturing to exportation and importation, and with one of the world’s busiest ports, and a great transport system, Shenzhen is no doubt a good location for doing business.

Shenzhen is one of China’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The is located in Shenzhen. And, being the headquarters of some hi-tech Chinese companies makes Shenzhen a tech powerhouse. Shenzhen has even been referred to as -the Silicon Valley of hardware. Companies such as ZTE, Huawei, TP-LINK etc. also have their presence in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen has a Hi-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP), a zone that encourages industries such as, Biotechnology, Electronics assembly and manufacturing, Chemicals Production and processing, Instrument and industrial equipment production, etc. The Shenzhen software park also aids the development of Software.

With all you have read so far about Shenzhen, you might already be wondering how you would be able to successfully carry out your business in Shenzhen without help and support of a reliable and qualified Shenzhen business guide.


a business guide after successful transactionA Shenzhen business guide as the name implies is simply a person that knows Shenzhen well. And knows as much about the way things are done in Shenzhen. Such a person gives all the help and supports you need to make your business trip a wonderful one. You’ll have a good and smooth business trip if you find the service(s) of a qualified Shenzhen business guide.



There are different services that you might need a Shenzhen business guide to render. Some of such services include;

  • Driving services: I believe getting around Shenzhen, might be a problem especially for those visiting for the first time. There are people offering driving services. All you need do is just get a good driver booked on your business trip in Shenzhen. I’ll recommend that you avoid depending on normal taxi services and get a private driver that will take you wherever you have to go throughout your business stay in Shenzhen. If you need a driver who can also double as an interpreter, you can contact us at interpretershenzhen.
  • Interpretation/translation services: language barrier is a real challenge encountered by foreigners in Shenzhen. You might really need the service of an interpreter or translator who will help you converse business as smoothly as possible. All you need do is hire an interpreter who will help you ensure your business conversations all end successfully or read about our article on how to find a qualified translator in Shenzhen.
  • Sourcing, auditing, and Inspection services: sourcing agents help find the needed products, discuss prices, and also ensure the quality of the product.

It’s good to ensure you hire a qualified guide who is conversant with international standards such as the ISO9000.

A Shenzhen business guide can also offer services such as hotel bookings, and domestic flight and train booking(s).

A good Shenzhen business guide should have a good business sense and should be vast in the area you need his/her service(s). A good Shenzhen business guide surely needs to have a good knowledge of the city without any issue of getting lost. Such a person must be trustworthy and flexible and should also be able to help you do good business at the most competitively lower rate/cost.

You may find a single Shenzhen business guide who will be willing to offer you as much as all the services you may need. For example, a single Shenzhen business guide may offer to be your sourcing agent, to be your driver during your trip, to be your translator/interpreter, and even more.

A Shenzhen business guide can even work with you even before you get to Shenzhen. Such an agent can set meetings, and arrange your schedule and also help make some business processes less tedious or completely stress-free on your arrival. A Shenzhen business guide can work with you as your business assistant and even as your secretary.

A Shenzhen business guide can even work for you after your departure by Receiving your goods from different factories, testing the goods, getting the goods/product(s) packed together, and can also ship them over to you. This helps to prevent shipping the wrong good(s) or products which result in a waste of money. Such a business guide can also do inspections on your goods as soon as production begins to ensure that the right/correct sample is produced.


I believe hiring a qualified Shenzhen business guide will vary from person to persons. And also on the number and kind of services such a person is being hired to offer. What I think really matters is getting a very qualified Shenzhen business guide who can offer you top quality service(s) at a rate that is affordable. I believe you can’t risk hiring a cheat.

You can find Shenzhen business guides online. There are some platforms that connect anyone looking for a Shenzhen business guide on the internet. So go online, and carry out your search for nothing but for reliable and qualified Shenzhen business guides. At interpretershenzhen, we offer business guidance and support. You can contact us Using think form.


Doing business, especially with little or no knowledge of your business destination will be a delicate process. Finding the right business guide is a process that cannot be overemphasized. I believe you don’t want your business trip to end unsuccessfully. So take your time, search out and hire a reliable and qualified Shenzhen business guide. And have a nice time doing business in Shenzhen and China generally.

Now your turn. Feel free to tell us what you feel about this article in the comment section below.


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