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Over the years, Shenzhen has experienced massive growth and today has earned itself some well-deserved titles. However you decide to tell it, the Shenzhen airport (the Bao‘an international airport) has played a very vital role in connecting Shenzhen to the rest of the world and thus creating some of the opportunities that have made Shenzhen what it is today.


Shenzhen, one of China’s major business hubs, is one city that I would consider as a pride of the whole Asian continent. With one of the world’s top financial centers, Shenzhen has also been referred to “the tech capital of the world”, and “the silicon valley of hardware” all courtesy of the strong development the wonder city of Shenzhen has achieved in the area of technology. Shenzhen is also one city that has grown over the years to become an amazing tourist attraction with wonderful places to visit, like the Huaqiangbei electronics market, and other amazing tourist destinations. All these factors have contributed to making Shenzhen what I consider to be a major world destination.

One other strong reason that makes me consider Shenzhen to be a major world destination is the business opportunities available in the city. The 5 day Shenzhen visa on arrival has made Shenzhen city even easier to visit.


Shenzhen’s Bao’an International Airport is situated In the Bao‘an district of China’s Guangdong province. It was formerly referred to as the Shenzhen Huangtian airport. The airport offers passenger service; the airport also offers cargo services. The Bao’an international airport is a hub for airlines such as Shenzhen Airline and Shenzhen Donghai Airlines. The airport is also a cargo hub for UPS Airlines.

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The Bao’an airport is currently being expanded. The current expansions when completed will make the Bao’an airport to rank higher among China’s top airports.

In 2010, the Bao’an international airport was china’s 5th busiest airport and also the world’s 24th busiest airport on cargo traffic.

The Bao’an airport formerly had three terminals. Terminal A and Terminal B, were both for local flights, while terminal D was for foreign flights. But a new terminal (Terminal 3) which was commissioned in 2013 is the only terminal currently working.

The wonderful architecture of Terminal 3 is indeed a sight to behold.                                                  


From my research, getting into Shenzhen from the Bao’an international Airport is not going to be any big deal. The means of linking Shenzhen from the airport are the different bus services which run along different lines connecting to Shenzhen and also to other parts of China. Taxi and the Shenzhen metro trains, are also alternative transport means.

The Bao’an International airport can be also linked with the Hong Kong international Airport by ferry. Getting to the Hong Kong Airport from the Shenzhen airport by ferry takes off or reduces the stress with immigration check(s) at the border crossing(s).


What would be taking you to Shenzhen soon? Would it be for business, or just for your next vacation? Whatever the reason for your visit to Shenzhen, I’ll like to recommend some help. Firstly, Shenzhen has the language barrier challenge, so you might find conversing with the people there to be a problem. You might just need to hire the services of a qualified interpreter who may also serve as your guide around the city. If business is your mission to Shenzhen, then I’ll recommend that you also hire the service of a qualified sourcing agent who can help make your business trip, a more fulfilling one. You may find only one agent who can offer you all the services you might need. That is, a single agent can both be your interpreter and sourcing agent, such agent may even be willing to offer you more service(s). Just ensure you get someone qualified enough.


With all the wonderful reputation Shenzhen has got in areas such as business, technology, and tourism, I wonder what Shenzhen will be without a standard international airport. The Bao’an international airport has played a great role in the development of Shenzhen. And I believe Visiting Shenzhen via the Bao’an airport will make your journey a good one.

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