Have you ever wondered why similar products come in different standards? Whether such products are from the same producers or not, product quality control is largely responsible for this. The simple reason why products come in different quality is the emphasis the producers and the consumers of such products place on product quality. Whether you are a maker producing one thing or the other, or just a consumer, this article will give you a good knowledge of product quality control.

What is product quality control?

Product quality control or quality control in short simply involves every process in ensuring that the final product on its way to the consumer or customer, is up to the required standard. Product quality control helps producers to serve consumers better.

According to ISO9000, quality control is defined as “A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements”.

In the course of production, machines encounter problems and human also commits errors. Sometimes, it may not be a mechanical issue or any human error, but simply the emphasis that producers place on the quality of the product. Less emphasis placed on product quality can result from an issue such as how much consumers will be willing to pay for the product. All these accounts for a drop in quality of the final product.

Product quality involves every effort put in place to eliminate errors as much as possible from the production process. Such efforts include training workers, setting standards or specifications for the final product, and then testing the product to look out for any errors or deviation from the intended quality. One key aspect of how to maintain quality control is set of clear standards. Product quality control has to do with every step of the production process.

Product quality control and some major industries

Product quality control is not same for all industries, for example, product quality control in the field of pharmaceuticals can be by ensuring that drugs produced; do not make the consumers to experience any dangerous side effect(s). In the field of automobiles, quality control can come in importantly, in reducing or eliminating the emissions of dangerous gases from the automobiles being produced. A good product quality control process should involve; inspecting raw materials, followed by rigorous testing and inspection that happens during production, then final inspection of the finished products.

The importance of product quality control

Product quality control has various benefits both for the producer and the consumer. The benefits of product quality control manifest very clearly in fields such as healthcare. Imagine how much damage substandard drugs will do to consumers if it ever gets to them. Product quality control in fields such as pharmaceuticals is very important. Lives are saved when quality control is ensured. Environmental safety is another importance of quality control. When you talk of gaseous emissions from automobiles, global warming is a major issue. With quality control, such harmful emissions can be minimized or maybe even eliminated completely.

Product quality control in electronics

Some house fires erupted as a result of using electrical appliances and installations of low or inferior quality. With good quality control in place, such appliances will be inspected to see if they meet the required standard.

Parts of electronic appliances such as the type of metal used in making parts of the appliance and size of cable used will be inspected to see if they meet the standard specification.

If you are into electronic business such as exporting electronics from countries like China, you might need to hire the service of a quality control inspector that is familiar with standards like ISO9000.                                                                                                                                                


The importance of product quality control cannot be over emphasized. The world will be a better place if good product quality control processes are maintained.

Whether you are a maker into production, or a consumer, the knowledge of product quality control is very important.

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