As China retains her spot as one of the largest economies in the world, different opportunities continue to thrive in the Asian powerhouse. Do you desire to work in China or to start a business there? This article will be of help to you.

Getting a job in China – The Basics

A very good way to get a job in China is through the help of a contact who works in a Chinese company that needs the service of an employee that suits your qualification. Another notable way of getting a job in China is by searching for jobs online.

From my discoveries, I believe that China is a favorable destination for expatriates so I don’t think you should be discouraged over finding a job in China as a foreigner.

There are different websites where you can search for jobs online such as,, and If you desire a job in a particular Chinese city, I’ll recommend that you search out websites that posts job vacancies from that city.

You can either work in china, or work in your country for a company or institution that has an office in your country.

To work in china, you’ll need to have the china work visa (The Z visa). It is illegal to work in china with some visa types such as the study visa and the tourist visa. So if you landed in China with such visa types, you must have a visa change – you’ll have to obtain the Z visa to work in China.


The basic application process

Applying for a job in china should start with the submission of a cover letter that introduces you, and also tells your qualifications, skills and why you think you are perfect for the job. Avoid bragging please; just let your credentials handle that part. Attach your resume or CV, then attach as much of your relevant credentials to the letter as well. Your CV should contain all the relevant information required.

The next step if the employer is interested in you, might be an interview via phone call or a real interview you’ll have to attend.

When in China, it is recommended that you attend different meetups, exhibitions and conferences that will help you build or get connected to a network of partners that can really be of help. It is also recommended that your business card(s) should be in both English and Mandarin. I wish you good luck all the way.

Different ways of working in China

I believe a very common way to work in China is to teach. Teaching jobs are available in China, especially in English teaching jobs. Contacting your country’s embassy for more information on teaching jobs in China will be a good idea if you have teaching qualifications such as TEFL, and you desire to land a teaching job in China.

You can work in China as an intern. Working in China on internship will be an advantage especially if you are hardworking and talented in your field. While working as an intern, you can obtain good skills that can help you get employment in the company or institution you served as an intern or some other company or institution.

Working in China as a freelancer or self-employed won’t really be a bad idea, seeing the many opportunities present there. But be ready to face some challenges such as obtaining a work visa. My research showed that one easy way to obtain the China work Visa is to get to China as a student first.

China and the language barrier

Ability to speak English will be a good advantage if you intend to work in China. But being able to speak Mandarin which I think is the main language, in which business is conversed in China, will be one more advantage. Some websites posting china job vacancies are not in English but are in what I believe to be some Chinese language(s). So the ability to speak a language like Mandarin might just begin to give you an edge while still searching for a job. You may be able to translate some of such websites on the web anyway. The service of someone to help you translate might just be important. So I suggest that you hire an interpreter if the need arises. And if you are in China or will be going to China soon for business, I suggest that you also hire the service(s) of a business guide.


I believe China is a good destination for work and business, getting a china job won’t be an opportunity to regret. With many other great things to do in China such as touring amazing sites, you might just fall in love with China. I strongly believe this article has really informed you, do drop your comments and read other informative articles on this site. Thanks.

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