I was born and grown up in Shenzhen, graduated from Shenzhen University, major in English. Just a few years younger than this City but obviously I haven’t became as famous as this City. Though, I would love to assist you while you’re here. Either it will be a business trip or happy vocation.

So, allow me to introduce myself a bit more. I tag myself as out-going, straight forward, enthusiastic and simple, yet with a sense of humor. I love traveling and delicacies. Through travelling I widen my heart and wise my mind. Also make friends and get to know different culture. This is not just for fun but also benefits my career.


I am your host Ally. I am the Miss “Local of Locals”. I grew up in Shenzhen and have worked in Hong Kong for 3 years. Now I am an interpreter freelancer.
Just as the people who know me say, I am a girl with full of passion. Thinking and doing optimistically, taking care of everyone around me.

I think I am the girl who deals with every steps of work seriously and responsibly. I am OPEN to embrace any trials and risks.

Candy Chen


This is Candy Chen, a reliable business interpreter & sourcing agent with more than 3 years interpreting and sourcing experience in Shenzhen .I am familiar with electronics products and jewelry market in Shenzhen very well. I am your best assistant when you want to expand your biz in China. I can help you with:
1) Interpretation.
2) Translation: document translation, website translation.
3) Business support.