This is Tide Lin, a freelance interpreter since 2007, provides my clients English to Chinese translating and interpreting services in Shenzhen China, and I specialize in mechanical and electrical engineering for the international people who come to do business in China, I am familiar with electronics products.

In addition, I can help you with online sourcing and marketing, I represent you to verify your suppliers or manufacturers in Shenzhen and inspect the products before shipping, or I represent you to visit your customers in China.

I got paid via Paypal and I charge my clients for the time I spend. If you have some good projects, I would like to work for you consistently from the begining to the end, and you can pay me by commission.

If you want to do business with China, all you need is a language interpreter who knows your business, you don’t need to pay so much for a trading company or translation agency. If I am not the right one you are looking for, I would like to help you find the right interpreter, just let me know your requirements, many friends of mine are interpreters as well, I know many Shenzhen interpreters and translators.

I am also the own of this website,, I help my friends who are interpreters, business guides, trade experts… to get more jobs online. You can contact them directly, I don’t charge my friends, they help me also.

My services:

I would like to describe my services as 3I’s:

  • Interpreting: I accompany foreign people to visit their suppliers and interpret during the meetings, or sometimes local Chinese people hire me to interpret for them when they have overseas customers coming.
  • Inspection & Audit: I had been working as an inspector in a few huge companies, so checking the product quality is one of my advantages, and I am familiar with ISO9000, so I also help foreign customers verify their supplier capability, I take photo and video in the factories and upload on my website, so overseas customers can see the result instantly and make the decision.
  • Internet Marketing and Sourcing: I can build a basic website and promote it with Google or Yahoo, and I am also familiar with Searching Engine Optimization. I help some English tutors find lots of students, help local suppliers find their oversea customers, and help buyers find their suppliers in Shenzhen. I can also visit your customers in China on your behalf.


My Testimonials:

Testimonial from David

I recently returned from a trip to Shenzhen where I used Tide as a translator and business guide. His website describes his service as 3 T’s: Translation, Trade and Technology. I must say that I fully used all of his service during my short trip to visit and qualify multiple vendors throughout the city of Shenzhen. Before my trip Tide used his website and local calls to put me in direct contact with multiple vendors that could provide the service I needed. This allowed me to do a “first cut” of the vendors and pre-qualify the ones I intended to audit. During my visit Tide was very conscious of the value of time and worked very hard to minimize traveling delays and maximize the available time in technical meetings. He is very familiar with the city of Shenzhen and its outlying districts. This knowledge helped us schedule consecutive meetings that were near each other in the city. His English skills are AAA and his understanding and ability to translate technical issues were very good. He is well versed in Quality Control issues and terminology and was very helpful when discussing QC systems with the vendors. I have no hesitation in recommending Tide as a translator and guide for your next trip to Shenzhen.

David A. Uhen

Uhen Instruments Inc.

Email from Geoff.

Hi Tide.

I am asking a big favour of you.

We have a report to send to Ms XXXXXX  but it is quite technical and Google translate will struggle with it.

Can you spare the time to do this for us.

Although we have 4 interpreters, you are the best technically.

If you have Paypal account, we can pay you immediately otherwise we promise to pay you on next visit without fail.

Please let me know urgently if you have time to do it together with when you think you can complete it.

I await your urgent news.


Many thanks, I am really grateful but there are  1.5  pages to translate so $20 is a ridiculous amount.

We will only let you translate it if you will accept $40 !!!!

I look forward to receiving it.

You need to let me have your  details on Paypal so I can arrange it.

Thanks again. You are a star !

Email from Terry.

Hi Tide,
Thank you for the email.  It was a pleasure meeting you, as well.  Our entire team thought you did an outstanding job during our visit to XXXXX.  We appreciated your ability and professionalism and we will definitely reach out to you if we have translation/ interpretation needs in the future.  Thanks, again.

An introduction email about me from an client in India.

I have a high recommendation for Tide. He has an engineering degree with special interest in electronics and engineering devices. He can help you in finding right manufactures, doing factory inspections, translation services, understanding chinese business and social culture. He is very trustworthy and can keep ur IP secure.

An Email from a Mexican client.

I forgot to tell you, thanks for everything you are a super man!..thank you for you support and your dedication in your work.  You are amazing and you cr


My products:

The products that I am dealing with are mostly consumer electronics, such as tablet PC, mobile phones, portable speakers, DVD players, photo frames, and so on. I also used to deal with some sweaters and toys from my hometown Shantou, becuase I want to handle something with more technologies, so I gradually switched to electronics, and also some industrial electronics in the future. I even set up a website to promote the electronics business in Shenzhen,, hope this will help Shenzhen be known by the people all over the world.

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  • Hi Tide,
    I am a manager at The Magic Mist – one of the suppliers of cartridges for e-cigarettes in US. We source our product from Shenzhen supplier but are not very happy with their quality. I plan to talk to few other suppliers during my visit. So need somebody who could help me travel around as well as who could help me work with translation with with my discussion with the suppliers. Since this is a mechanical product, somebody with technical/engineering skills would be a perfect person. I will be in Shenzhen from Nov 28-Dec2 but need somebody for 2 days.

    Amit Aggarwal

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