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Do you still need an interpreter in Shenzhen?

More and more young people are coming to work in Shenzhen, and the young people speak much better English than the older people. If you are going to deal with the factories in Shenzhen for a small business, you don’t necessarily need a translator.  You need a good interpreter when you are doing a serious and big business because you can’t afford any mistake or misunderstanding.

Artificial Intelligence has become a big thing in Shenzhen China. Online or cloud translate APP is one of the AI things, it has got smarter and smarter, the translation work is more and more accurate, so the understanding between you and your Chinese suppliers can be more and more efficient.

Google Translate is one of the APP’s that I would like to recommend to you. However, you will have a problem to get access to Google Service while you are in Shenzhen China because there is a “Great Wall” between China and the rest of the world, you can’t visit Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, and so on without using a tool called VPN.

What VPN do you recommend?

There are a lot of free VPN services but the problem is that it is free and the bandwidth is very limited, so you will find that it is very slow or sometimes it is even impossible to use those free VPN services.

So you want to have a dedicated server that is owned by yourself, no one else has it, and you need a dedicated IP address for your server as well, so your server can’t be blocked if you don’t say something bad about China,

The way how VPN works is that you get access to your own server that is not blocked in China, and from your server, you can browse all the websites. It seems very difficult but Shadowsocks have made it very easy for you.

Go visit Shadowsocks’s website Download Page to download the server file and install this file on your server, and download the client file to install on your device.





Business has been quiet in Shenzhen China

Shenzhen is a nice city in October, and We as interpreters, are always very business during October and December every year, however we have not got many inquires from you, our customers for a long time, I don’t know why, but I assume that the business has not been very good, and our customers don’t even want to come to see their factories or suppliers in China, that is why they don’t need our services to help them succeed in business.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that we are still alive and in fact our team is getting bigger and bigger, and I just want to share a picture with you that was taken on a wedding for one of our members during the national holidays in China.

You are still and always welcome to send us an inquiry, and let’s keep in touch.


Why We Think You Need An Interpreter in Your Factories Visits?

Are you coming to Shenzhen soon, but still not sure whether you need to get an interpreter?

Are you worried that hiring an interpreter will maybe just a waste of money as most manufacturers now have English-speaking staff? 

Are you wondering if interpreters nowadays are charging too high?

We are here to give you some answers today.

As English gets increasingly universal, the majority of international salespersons now speak English. Even better, some technical personnel can communicate with foreigners freely too. 

As good as that sounds, please allow me to tell you why we interpreters are still necessary.

First of all, before you start the visits, you just need to tell us the addresses and contact persons, we will arrange a more efficient schedule for you in line with their locations. Of course, if you haven’t contacted any persons, we could recommend you some reliable manufactures.

Secondly, some factories are very far away from the city, so it is not very convenient for them to arrange a car pick-up service. We, on the other hand, will contact the supplier before hand and order car rental service like Uber or other on-call caps, which will save you time and effort.

Last but not least, we charge you only 100 US dollars a day, yet we will play numerous roles, such as assistant, tour guide, sourcing agent or freight forwarder. With us by your side, visiting several factories a day and getting all the information you need within your precious time is quite possible. After the visit, you may want to take some samples with you, but it may take several days to collect all of them, by which you could have left China. A good solution is to ask your suppliers to send the samples to us and we will ship them to you all at once. 

So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have decided to come here! 

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Uber is also available in Shenzhen

When you need to travel around Shenzhen, it is better if you can use a cell phone APP such as Uber to book a car and take you whereever you want, nowaways the technology is here and it is very convinient to get a car to take you around, it is not so easy for foreigners to get a driving license in China, but with the APP’s, things become very easy.

With this APP, you can book a cab, and see where the cab is on Google Maps. However, most of these drivers don’t know English, and it is difficult for you to type your destination. We can help you do that. We help you find the destination in Chinese and you can just copy and paste on the APP, we can also talk to the driver where you are going.


We Are Here to Interpret for You

Welcome to our interpreting service blog!

We are a team of professional interpreters working in Shenzhen, the center of the world factory. We offer services to customers in market guide, business meetings, factory visits, follow-up orders and so on.

Our aim is to assist foreigners in communicating with Chinese when sourcing, negotiating, consolidating, packaging and shipping. We can work as a sourcing agent for our clients after they leave China, which will save them a lot of time and energy. We also can reserve hotels, arrange airport pick-up and drop-off, arrange taxi to the factory or to the market. That is to say, we offer one-stop service for you when you are in China.


As English gets more universal, many companies have English_speaking international sales persons. Some of them are good enough to communicate freely with foreign visitors, but some are not there yet. Therefore, our interpreting services will be of great help to both suppliers and buyers.

We have rich experience in electronic products such as security products, LED’s, mobile phones and so on. Our wide range of services have been well accepted and appreciated by all our customers around the world.

Are you ready to come to China? We are ready to make sure your time in China worthwhile and your business trip here efficient and fruitful!

Guide to the factories in Shenzhen China

A lot of small factories or medium size factories don’t have their overseas marketing team, they might have a small team for the local market on 1688.com, but it is too expensive to have a website on Alibaba International, and it is not cheap to hire some people who speak English for the international companies, so these factories outsource their international marketing and sales.

Some small companies like us who speak English and know the factories and product well would like to set up a company with an Alibaba international website, and promote the product and factories on the internet, reply to the inquires from overseas clients, and then when the customers are interested, they might want to come and see the factories, so that we take them to see the factories.

Vivian Chan

Hi. This is Vivian Chan, a freelance interpreter living in Futian, Shenzhen. Proficient in both Chinese and English, I am a very dedicated interpreter in business particularly.

I used to work as a merchandiser and marketing officer after I graduated in 2009. I know about the trading procedures, experienced in sourcing products and negotiating with suppliers.

As a local Cantonese, I speak Cantonese and hakka. Besides, I had lived in Guangzhou for 4 years and now I have been living in Shenzhen for more than 5 years. I know Shenzhen a lot and I’m a highly qualified travel guide.

More importantly, I’m highly reliable and detailed oriented. I could be of great help when you travel to China.

Vivian Chan

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Name: Vivian Chan

Date of birth: 08/24/1985

Place of birth: Meizhou Guangdong




Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English and Chinese).

Gained reputation for honesty and placed in a position of trust.

A fast learner of high integrity and responsibility and a team player as well.

Ability to prioritize projects and perform under pressure.

Detail-oriented and good analytical skill.

Good word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills.


2013.12-Now Freelance Interpreter

1. Translate company brochure, product catalog and define key words of the products.

2. An interpreter for business activities,travel, products sourcing, shows and so on.

2011.3-2013.11 Marketing Officer in Be My Baby Pet Products (Hong Kong) Ltd.


1. Product management, including product analysis, manuals, and brand classification and so on so as to present the brands to the public better.

2. Develop new brands and sales plans.

3. Develop marketing plans and implement marketing activities: pet shows

and activities on Facebook web pages .

4. Explore and evaluate possible brand-building channels.

5. Provide team-training and motivate the whole team.

2009.12 -2011.2 A merchandiser of garment in Li&Fung Trading Co. Ltd.

1. Follow up orders and to co-operate with customer, factories, and internal departments to monitor bulk delivery.

2. Predict and remind factories about potential problems, is a must to smooth delivery, such as common technical issues, customer’s holiday arrangements and so on.

3. Figure out a win-win solution if any issues occur

During the past year, the job duties were highly achieved and my work performance was also well approved.

2009.8 An Interpreter in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

2008.10 An Interpreter in the 104th Canton Fair

2008.04 An Interpreter in the 103rd Canton Fair


Graduated from Guangdong University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor’s degree in Business English Translation in 2009.

Vivian Chan 3

Vivian Chan 2




This is Ling Ling, please leave a message to me and I will get back to you shortly,


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Hi, I’m Ling. Welcome to Shenzhen, China.

I was born and grown up in Shenzhen, graduated from Shenzhen University, major in English. Just a few years younger than this City but obviously I haven’t became as famous as this City. Though, I would love to assist you while you’re here. Either it will be a business trip or happy vocation.

So, allow me to introduce myself a bit more. I tag myself as out-going, straight forward, enthusiastic and simple, yet with a sense of humor. I love traveling and delicacies. Through travelling I widen my heart and wise my mind. Also make friends and get to know different culture. This is not just for fun but also benefits my career.

The past 3 years living in Australia, I gained a lot of life experience and certainly made my life colourful. Now back in Shenzhen for good, I’m having more opportunities and support.

Therefore, I am ready and looking forward to assisting friends from all over the world. Following were the past decade of works I’ve done.

2012 – Now Shenzhen Self employed, Trading.
Freelance Interpreter / Translator.
Vitamins, Baby Formula,
Cosmetics, etc.
2008– 2012 Australia Marketing, Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Sourcing, Website Construction/ Advertising. Specialist in
Water Filtration System.
2007 –2008 Shenzhen Marketing, Interpreter/Translator, Sourcing, Event Organizing, Exhibition Set ups, etc French lingerie Company
2003 – 2007 Shenzhen Administration, Conference arrangement, etc Local Government

Throughout my past working/life experience, I can certainly assist you on your Business Trip, as well as your Happy Holidays.

Language English — Mandarin – Cantonese – Chow chew Dialect
Travel China – Hong Kong (multiple entry, 7 days stay)– Macao (visa required)– Oversea (visa required)
Transportation Arrange Airport Pick Up (Shenzhen & Hong Kong), Car Rental,
Public Transportation Guide, Air/Ferry Ticket Booking, etc.
Administration Trip Scheduling, Business Liaising, Reservation, Catering,
All Types of Tickets Booking, etc.
Marketing Factory/Company Visit, Exhibition/Fair Attendance/Set up, etc.
Outsourcing: Website Design/Ads, Printing, Packaging, Market Research.
Bookkeeping Budget, Expense Report, Invoice/Receipt Collecting.
Customer Support Follow Up Liaising, QC, Sample/Document Gathering,
Logistics Arrangement/Tracking,
Activity Day Tour, Special Cuisine recommendation, Shopping Guide,
Entertainment Guide, etc.

SZ tour Karen  Business6 Business5 Business4 Business3 Business2 Business1HK tour

We hate to receive some inquiries like the following

Subject: Looking for Translator as GF

I am visiting Shenzhen on 22nd July 2014 – 25th July 2014 for business for finding and meeting with Electronics Manufacturers, Now I have already setup meetings ..looking for a English speaking girl who can join me, work as tour guide, hangout in night clubs/Pubs and various fun activities.and give me satisfaction that i am with my girl friend.

Let me know your charges/Day basis ?



The IP shows that it is from India.


We hate that, because we are serious translators and interpreters who are looking for good and serious business people, and a lot of our female friends will not feel comfortable when they receive such an inquiry.


If you are looking for a girl friend, please go to somewhere else, and DO NOT leave any information on our website!


NO prostitution


Regina Li

Hello, my name is Regina and I am a freelancer interpreter on Mandarin-English, living in the nice city Shenzhen. I provide interpretation service on factory visiting, business meetings, exhibition and fair, commercial activities, tourist guiding, involving different industries such as security products, electronic products, education, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, wine, real estate, medical equipment etc. If you are looking for interpreter who is responsible, high efficient and impressive,

Regina Li 0

please contact me.

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> “The 8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair”, I did tourist guiding for vice president Gervais Rufyikiri of African country Burundi.
> China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF, exhibition interpretation.
> Clients from company ITT Italy, meeting with HAIDA one of the most famous design companies of China, meeting interpretation.
> Interpreted the audit kick-off meeting for Amer which is China top 500.
> Interpreted in the meeting of “Proposal for BYD Daimler Green Technology and Innovative Products show 2012”.
> New Dutch Academy Recital concert, interpreted for the vice mayor of the Hague Mr.Henk Kool.
> Newell the world top 500 enterprise, I did the SEAL Training interpretation (Safe Excellence and Leadership)
Regina Li
Regina Li 4
Regina Li 2
Regina Li 3